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Meetup 2016 Wrap Up

Seriously.  Do I even have to say #bestmeetupever?  It totally was the best!  Kidding aside, it was a fantastic weekend and I have a great review of it by a forum member.  I think...


Home Server Show 306- Final Episode

That day has come! We all come up on “that day,” either with joy or dismay.  I have a little bit of both that I’m publishing the last episode of the Home Server Show.  It...


Meetup 2016

Hey HSS Community!  Meetup 2016 was formally announced on May 17th here on this forums post:  http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11147-meetup-2016/ I have ticket options for you.  There are two ways to attend Meetup ’16. Become a Patron...

circle android

Circle Home for Android is now Available

The Circle Home product that previously was only available on iOS is now available on Android.  This is a huge step for Circle as it now opens the product up to Android families.  If...